What is GiveBoom?

We are a hybrid for profit company that raises money for charitable effort. We also provide a unique system for our members to generate a monthly income by sharing with others. The Giveboom system can turn a small $10 donation and inspiring others to help for good causes into a money generating opportunity. We like to call it “Helportunity.”

How does GiveBoom work?

GiveBoom collects a $10 monthly subscription from its members. Fifty percent off the top is given directly towards good causes and charitable organizations. The other fifty percent is put to the side to compensate members who are helping to inspire others to give and make our world a better place.

Are you a non profit company?

No. We are a for profit company that raises funds to support non profit companies.

Are you a for profit company?

Yes. We are a for profit company that raises funds to support non profit companies. GiveBoom generates a profit for itself and also for its members based on their efforts.

How do I become a member of Giveboom?

Step 1- Click Join now
Step 2- Fill out information form with name, email address, sponsor, and password
Step 3- Enter existing Paypal or create a new Paypal account
Step 4- Click subscribe to the $10 monthly payment within your Paypal account
After this process you will officially be a member of GiveBoom

Will I be billed automatically every month?

Yes. Your account connected to paypal will be billed once a month on the same date of which you became a member of GiveBoom.

Will I be billed on the same date every month?

Yes. Your signup date will be your bill date also.

Will GiveBoom be collecting or storing any of my personal information?

GiveBoom will only require your full name, preferred email, password, and sponsor. Only once a member reaches an income of over $600 within the year are we required by law to collect your social security number in order to send you a 1099 form.

What do I get for my $10 subscription?

1-You get to be a member of GiveBoom and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to support good causes around the world as well as creating an opportunity for yourself to generate a monthly income.
2-You get your own profile, where you can track your sponsored friends, your extended network growth, and monthly income generating.
3-You will receive our GiveBoom exclusive monthly digital magazine about causes being supported.

How am I helping anyone by just giving $10 monthly?

Your small donation may not seem like a lot, but when we all come together with our small amounts it equals out to be a huge amount.
Example- you alone = $10 not enough, you + 1000 others = $10,000 a lot for good ?

What percentage of donation goes to charity?

Fifty percent of all of GiveBoom and every members $10 donation is directly given toward good causes and charitable organizations.

What percentage of donation goes to compensating members?

Fifty percent of joining members $10 donation is given to a sponsor in which ever line he is placed in the GiveBoom structure.

How do I start generating an income?

It starts with giving. Then you qualify by giving away your first 2 people (Qualifiers). After this, each person you personally sponsor will create an Avenue. of $5 monthly. Your new Ave’s can start to duplicate into more because your personal invites also have to qualify by giving to you.

How will I get paid?

During registration, every new member is required to create or use an existing Paypal account. Based on a members efforts money generated will display in personal profile and will be deposited into their Paypal account.

When will I get paid?

Every active member will get paid once a month if requirments are met on the first of every month.

Will I be able to track how much money I have earned?

Yes, within your GiveBoom profile tools are provided for you to be able to see how many people and how much money is being generated through your personal efforts and through turnover duplication monthly.

What happens to my income and network if I am unable to personally continue my membership with GiveBoom?

If you are unable to continue your membership with GiveBoom for any reason (death or major injury) you may assign a beneficiary that may take over and continue the membership in your place.

What countries is Giveboom currently able to do business in?

GiveBoom is a global company that anyone can become a member anywhere Paypal is accepted. GiveBoom can currently do business in 193 countries and distribute funds through Paypal in 26 different currencies.

What causes, organizations, and charities will GiveBoom be supporting?

GiveBoom will be supporting various organizations and charities from a variety of categories regarding different causes locally and worldwide. As GiveBoom grows we plan on giving the option to its members of what category they would like their donation to support.

Can I choose the cause that my donation supports?

No. Because GiveBoom is such a young company and needs a little time to establish itself, this is not possible for the moment. As GiveBoom grows we plan on giving the option to its members of what category they would like their donation to support.

What countries will Giveboom be supporting in its charitable efforts?

GiveBoom will be supporting various causes and charity organizations locally and throughout the world. GiveBoom would like to target its immediate support to areas and causes that are in desperate need of life support.

Can I create my own marketing materials?

No. Anything regarding marketing or promotion of GiveBoom is subject to approval and permission from GiveBoom LLC. Members may only use the logos, icons, links, banners, sayings and colors provided by GiveBoom.