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We'll it starts with giving..

You subscribe to a monthly $10 donation .. No more .. No less

Then you start sharing with friends..

As you tell others about the small and easy way you are helping to do good things .. You will receive $5 a month for every friend 3rd and after.. Example 10 friends = $50 monthly

So.. You are donating $10 monthly to help others and receiving $50 monthly for helping to inspire others to give... Amazing!!

That is the basic form of how this company rewards it's partners for giving and sharing!

Now I said you make $5 from 3rd person and after .. This is because of our duplication system.. In example, we said you told 10 people .. You could have double the people in same day, week, month without doing anything.. Here's how

When you first share with friends, your first 2 are given away .. One to GiveBoom and another to who ever shared with you ( your sponsor)

Cool thing is .. Same happens for you .. Even if you do nothing else..So for example you told 10 friends .. They would all give you 1 person each ..10 people turns into 20 people which = $100 monthly! Your $10 donation turns into $50 and then $100 amazing !!

Great thing is.. It doesn't stop there..
The new 10 people that you were given by your friends .. Also give you 1 person each... So example You told 10 originally those give you each 1 which turns into 20... People total .. Then the new 10 that you were given also give you 1 each which turns into 30 people and so on... This never ends!! 30 people = $150 monthly out of donating just $10!!!! Amazing!!!